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Your support will help us build a better home for the artists, makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs of Butte.

The Phoenix Fabrication Studios

by Amanda Jeffers

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  • Aug 2017

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Butte, MT

Amanda Jeffers

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The Phoenix Fabrication Studios is seeking to become the central hub for artists, makers, entrepreneurs, business owners, inventors, small manufacturers, and makers of all stripes in the Butte community. We will be building off the foundation of programming, arts education, and community support that the Imagine Butte Resource Center has cultivated for the last four years, and expanding on them with access to more space, equipment, and programming opportunities. The Fabrication Studios will also be a supportive home for business incubation, and small-scale manufacturing. Members wishing to ease into a new business or hobby will be able to do so without the financial burdens of renting a large, private work space, or needing to procure the expensive equipment that may be necessary. Butte is a town with great ideas, and a greater work ethic, and we truly believe that by providing affordable access to those who need it, we can help spark a self-owned, small business and arts revolution here in Butte.

We will be housed in the Galena St warehouse behind the historic Phoenix Building at 68 W Park St, in the heart of Uptown Butte. Our building is roughly 15,000 square feet, plus basement. This ample size will allow us to re-home the current IBRC printmaking studio, and expand it to include full screenprinting facilities. Beyond printing, we will also be adding three new “anchor studios” of ceramics, wood, and metal work; none of which we have been able to offer previously. We also plan to include some private studio spaces for rent, and a large, multi-use room for workshops, events, gallery shows, or just general open work space. Within the public entrance to the Fabrication studios, on the corner of Dakota and Galena, will be our retail gallery, allowing members to showcase and sell the art and goods they have created onsite.

The initial buildout of interior walls and the updating of the lighting and electric in our 111 year old building is planned to begin later this summer. This first phase of the rehabilitation of the whole building is why we are asking for your generosity today. We hope to have a secure, usable space open for members to use by late fall, with the intention that the full buildout of all studios will then be able to progress once the basics are in place.

Your support can make a world of difference. Every little bit helps. Even if you cannot add a financial contribution today, we would appreciate it if you could spread the word by sharing the link to this campaign to anyone who may be interested. (If you are a Butte local, we are also accepting donations of gently used tools and equipment, as well as all manner of supplies for art or building. Please feel free to contact us with what you have, and a pickup or drop off time can be worked out.)

Thank you!



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...and We'll Stick With You: You'll get a Phoenix Fabrication Studios bumper sticker to slap on your vehicle or tool box.

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You'll get a choice of a Phoenix Fabrication Studios t-shirt, tote bag, or bandana, designed and printed by BT Livermore.

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What's My Name?

For your incredible level of support, you will receive a lifetime membership to the Phoenix Fabrication Studios, and we will dedicate the name of one of the main studio spaces to you.

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  • 22-07-2017

    We're in the final push for the Phoenix Fabrication Studios!

    We’ve only got four days left in our crowd funding campaign! We have recently found an anonymous donor willing to match funds as things finish up. If you’re receiving this update, it’s because you have already been very kind in your donation, but we could still use some help spreading the word, especially those of you in Montana, or with more donations if you happen to be able to give more.

    This is a project we are very excited about and believe it will be a truly positive change for Butte, so let’s get a few more eyes on it in the next few days. Thank you for all you’ve done so far!

Name Campaign Location Date
Campaign Backers Laramie, WY August 02, 2017


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