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These seniors in high school aren’t just learning about businesses, they’re actually starting them! Each student-driven business supports a social cause — it’s entrepreneurship for the greater good, and you can help make it happen!

OHS Social Enterpreneurship: Student Business With a Cause

by Amanda Jeffers

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Amanda Jeffers

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In the simplest terms, the OHS Entrepreneurship Program expects that, by the end of the year, senior students will design, build, and implement a micro-business (or non-profit) either individually or in small groups that has a social benefit at its foundation. This, however, is the end of a long journey for students, one that begins with self-discovery and goal-setting, and then examines how to leverage those personal strengths and passions into a value proposition capable of creating income as well as social change.

The larger goal is to connect students to the community, to help them realize that their own ideas can have an impact, and that the best niche for their entrepreneurial vision is not in New York City or Silicon Valley, but right here at home – a place they already know, a place they can help grow.

We need your help to keep this program successfully funded into the future — providing resources, investment dollars, and experiences that will make a lasting difference in the lives of these young professionals.


To answer this, we have to first accept what success is not. It is not how much money the student makes. It is not whether the student’s business scales up or fails into extinction. It is not even the grade the student gets in any one assessment, or in the course itself. Instead, the program is a well-timed microcosm of life, a chance for senior year students to “enter the real world” – a place often cited by educators but rarely allowed to be visited.

In the program, as in life, students will experience ups and downs, excitement and frustration, anxiety and relief, successes and failures on all scales. Yet, all of these experiences will be taking place within the supportive environment of school – a safety net that does not exist in “the real world.” The success of the program, therefore, comes from the way that it adapts to each student’s experience, how it challenges students to face and cross thresholds, or how it facilitates responses to conflicts, or how it slows down and pauses moments to help students see the inner-workings of relationships and team dynamics.

In a sense, the program operates under the same principles that it teaches: like a business, it has a well-researched vision. Like a business, it must be willing to pivot to adapt to the needs of its customers. And, like a business, it must seek a higher purpose than the simple economy of grades or content coverage. It is our hope that the entrepreneurship program adds to the increasingly diverse and experiential courses at OHS, and that the students look back on it not in terms of what it taught, but in terms of how they were changed by it.

If you support this type of innovative education, we hope you’ll contribute to this campaign and share it with your friends and family!



Bundle of Firewood from Fairdale Firewood Company
In 2015, a tornado tore through the small town of Fairdale, IL, downing trees which still clog up the community trails. Jerry Richardson, a resident of Fairdale, and his partner Trevor Downey, are cleaning up the dead wood and selling it off as firewood and campfire bundles. With this reward, you're not just staying warm, you're helping clean up Fairdale! You'll receive 5-8 14-18" pieces of mixed wood in a campfire bundle.

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YouTube Shout-out on
"Products With Grace" is student Olympia Powell's YouTube startup. She wants to raise awareness about socially-beneficial companies by reviewing their products and services. For this campaign, she'll have a special "shout-out" section on an upcoming YouTube video just for those who claim this reward!

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All-natural lip scrubs from Bath Time
Bath Time, created by senior student Alexis Castillo, donates 33% of its products to area women's shelters. Her lip scrubs are an organic way to clear chapped lips while feeling and smelling great!

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Ultimate Frisbee 180g disc
Seniors Andrew Laub and Cody Ebens are creating an Ultimate Frisbee League during the summer months of 2018. Participants will get an official 180g disc as part of the entry fee, and now you can get one too! Design and delivery TBA.

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Organic body scrubs from Bath Time
Bath Time, created by senior student Alexis Castillo, donates 33% of its products to area women's shelters. Her body scrubs are all-natural, fragrant, and great for your skin! Try one and you'll be back for more!

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Solo kayak trip rental
Enjoy a peaceful kayak trip down the Rock River to Castle Rock State Park, courtesy of White Pelican Canoe & Kayak! Your trip starts just below the dam near downtown Oregon, and takes you past sandstone bluffs, towering pine trees, and a bald eagle's nest before coming to rest at the Castle Rock State Park boat launch and picnic area. From there, you will be shuttled back to the start point. Reservations required -- call or text 815-263-4088. Visit for more information about trips!

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Seatbelt key organizer
Jon & Kate's Crafts is a student team that reclaims old seatbelts and scrap lumber and turns them into a unique, decorative key-organizer. The seatbelt buckle hangs from a sanded, stained wood base, while the trimmed seatbelt clip attaches to your key ring. Want to hang your keys? Click! Your keys are safe on an attractive wall decor!

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Hand-crafted longboard deck from GAS Longboards
GAS Longboards is a student-created business that hand-crafts and hand-presses customized longboards (which are skateboards, but longer and more stable). Recipient will be able to choose design and grip tape options. A one-of-a-kind board for a one-of-a-kind campaign!

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