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Our goal is to create an engaging, problem-solving and student-centered learning environment through a variety of flexible seating options.

Moving Matters Oregon Elementary School

by Amanda Jeffers

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Movement Matters: Oregon Elementary School

Our goal is to create an engaging, problem-solving and student-centered learning environment through a variety of flexible seating options.

Traditional classrooms are a one size fits all. We have increasing diverse students but only one option for them. One option is good and has worked but it could be better. That leaves us wondering; what if there was a better way?

Many students are expected to sit in a traditional desk all day every day. We have found students are eager to move to comfy learning spots as opposed to the traditional desks. Through flexible seating, comfortable learning environments are now created for students. When students are allowed to have comfortable seating options they are more engaged and productive.

Flexible seating directly aligns with Oregon Elementary School’s mission, as it helps to create a student-centric learning environment. With flexible seating students are allowed to be problem solvers. They learn that they have the power to select a learning spot that helps them to be a productive student.

Flexible seating in the classroom has proven to increase engagement and focus by empowering students with choices regarding how and where they learn in the classroom. Studies have shown that – when students are given choices as to the types of learning environments that work best for them there are many benefits:

  • Problem solvers now become problem solvers later
  • Increased accountability for behavior and work outcome
  • Increased engagement and focus
  • Conducive to collaboration, communication, creativity & critical thinking
  • Students are empowered to have choices
  • Help students become more self- aware
  • Increased responsibility for own learning

In order to transform our classrooms from a traditional setting to flexible seating, we will require a variety of options. Therefore, we would like to purchase the following items:

  • Wobble stools
  • Standing desks
  • Ball chairs
  • Lap desks
  • Sensory pillows

All of these items will allow the students to choose appropriate seating options that, in turn, will foster crucial academic engagement.

We’re looking for donations to help develop our classrooms into more comfortable, learning-enriched environments – where students will have a choice of picking which seating options work best for them.

We are certain your generous donation can greatly enhance our students’ experience at Oregon Elementary School.



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