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Making A Scene: Build the Stage

Campaign Introduction:

Help us build a stage that allows for musicians, recording engineers, and filmmakers to create.


Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Nov 2016


This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Nov 2016


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Campaign Story

Building Community

Many of you have supported Ignition Music Garage over the last four years. This spring The Goshen News printed a story, Making A Scene, of how our work with 91.1 The Globe, resulted in the launch of Ignition Music Garage. The story highlights how much the professional musicians, agents, managers and radio promoters value our community because we create new fans for them. Our patrons and members comprise an amazing group of people that share a love of great music.

Building a Music Scene

Our event revenue has increased 50% so far this year because Ignition produced two outdoor shows at Goshen Brewing Company. Our first show in The Goshen Theater is scheduled for October 20, 2016. New venues and concert series are also launching in the larger South Bend market. This is a sign that the audience is out there. The question is how do we get that larger audience to try out Goshen�s scene? Goshen Funded is important to us because it aims to support the whole downtown entrepreneurial ecosystem.

High quality music, whether live or recorded, moves people. The shared experience of a live performance when music and the audience come together creates a magical feeling. Here at Ignition we pride ourselves on providing the stage where the magic can happen.

Building a Stage

The stage exists as more than a physical space. The stage is a metaphor for local creatives to produce their art from a platform in Goshen, Indiana. By connecting artists to more fans we advance the artists, Ignition, and the community.

Our plans are to record high quality audio and high definition video from Ignition Garage, and offer digital distribution. We feel it is critical to bringing in younger fans. By moving into the digital realm, we’ll connect with new music fans, and hopefully show the magic that happens when musicians and their songs connect with an audience. We believe that video and online music can be the first connection point between a listener and an artist. If the song and performance are compelling, a new fan is created.

Building Artists’ Careers

FiveCore Media, from Goshen College has been contracted to produce the first program, a film about the release of Wilson Reservoir�s new album, ï¿½The Last Will & Testament of Buck Baker�. The record is scheduled for a September 30 national release. The short film will be part of the promotion of the new album. Nate Butler of Nimble Wit Productions will be the Production Manager, Recording Engineer, and Music Producer for the project.

Please consider an investment to help us build a larger stage and create our own media content to expand the Ignition community to a new larger fan base.

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Campaign Backers Laramie, WY November 26, 2016

Campaign Updates

  • 12-10-2016


    THANK YOU to those who have taken an interest in Ignition Music Garage, and investing in our community! We believe that we have a really good chance at hitting our goal if you’ll go the extra mile for us by sharing our dream with your friends.

    We are adding new rewards to the “MARKETPLACE” tab as we move along: coffee from The Electric Brew, advertising for your business on Michigan People Podcast, and coming soon: a Sansui receiver. These would be good things to share with people who don’t know what we’re all about.

    For those of you who have purchased memberships with tickets, visit our website for a list of upcoming shows. We are usually booked for months in advance so you can plan ahead.

    We’ll be posting more updates as we go. Hope to see you in the store soon!

  • 18-10-2016

    Janus Motorcycles

    WOAH! Janus Motorcycles has donated several REWARDS to our Goshen Funded campaign! Please take a minute to check them out.

    Find and click the “MARKETPLACE” tab. HERE

    It’s your donation in exchange for a reward… & Ignition receives all proceeds!

    MANY THANKS are in order for those who have already shown their support. We appreciate each and every one of you.

    …and as always, keep up the shares! One example could be posting about the reward you purchased along with a link to the campaign on Facebook. However you do it is fine!

    We have 7 DAYS TO GO and are almost half-way there! We especially need your help during this last week.


    The Ignition Team

  • 21-10-2016

    Stage Sketch

    Here is a rough sketch of what you’re supporting! Please feel free to pull the image to share.

    Thank You!


  • 24-10-2016

    Only 2 Days!

    Social Media Blast
    I know that if I see 3-4 or more of my FB friends post the same article or message I’m inclined to click on/read it. So I was thinking about a coordinated social media plan that utilizes the social capital of Ignition’s most loyal fans.

    The hope would be for our current supporters (you) to reach out to their friends and ask them to support the campaign. Suggesting a particular concert they could go to together, talking about the rewards you’ve chosen, or maybe pitching in for a big reward for use of the Ignition loft are all good places to start. We do have several rewards in the MARKETPLACE tab from Michiana People Podcast, The Electric Brew, and Janus Motorcycles. Plus our newest addition, a Sanyo Plus 55 Receiver that was donated to our campaign to help raise funds.

    If you all post/share on the same days, the impact on social media will be much bigger and trustworthy.

    Tagging friends & businesses helps a lot too.

    Let’s do this!

  • 24-10-2016



    I overlooked a typo in our last email update, and wanted to clarify.

    One of the rewards listed in our MARKETPLACE tab is from Michiana People Podcast, not Michigan People Podcast. The $250 reward offer is for a 90-Day Ad. Your business or cause will be highlighted at the intro of the weekly podcast for 90 days. You have the option of creating your own ad, or having it created for you based on your input.

    If you’re a small business owner, this is a great way to get the word out to hundreds of weekly listeners.

    My apologies to Scott Curtis. We really appreciate all that you’ve done for Ignition, and didn’t mean to misrepresent.

    Joni Earl

    Ignition Music

  • 26-10-2016

    Still Hopeful

    Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to our dream for the community. With only hours to go we had gained over 20 supporters, and nearly $4000! This is was so encouraging that we’ve decided to leave the campaign open ended for a little while longer with hopes of completion.

    Raising $15,265 with a local fundraising platform was no easy task, but it’s earned us enough to cover most of the items on our wish list:

    1. Lighting Enhancements – $1,000
    2. Recording Equipment and Sound Board – $1,500
    3. Website Enhancements – $2,500
    4. Pilot Film and Live Album – $10,000
    5. Stage Construction – $5,000
    6. Ignition Music Record Label Launch –$5,000

    We are not giving up yet!
    Many of our past members & contributors have not yet made their renewals. We’re preparing a direct mail campaign to these folks before we close the doors on all of the generous in-kind rewards offered for the Build the Stage Campaign. This should bring us to the top!

    We’ll keep you updated!

  • 23-11-2016

    Campaign in Completion

    Good morning!

    Today is exciting. We have officially reached our goal with the help of all of you online, as well as our offline supporters. Keeping the music scene alive here in Michiana, (and Goshen specifically), is important to us; knowing that is something that all of you find important as well, is incredibly encouraging. Many of you who donated are from Goshen or Michiana area yourselves, and much thanks to you. We look forward to seeing you around and at a show next year with the new stage! Big shoutout to those that donated from various other states throughout the country. That’s incredible. Lastly, much thanks to Phil and Ben with Goshen Funded and to the creators of Community Funded.

    We will be sending out your selected awards in the mail if you live far away, and if you live nearby, feel free stop in the store anytime to pick up your rewards. The vinyl will not be ready for a couple months yet, but use of the loft for concerts, and the two free tickets are available.


    Ignition Music

  • 02-12-2016

    Final Update

    Build the Stage Campaign
    To all who contributed to our campaign, we give thanks. We set an ambitious goal and the community of music lovers delivered. We have new members and sponsors who have provided enough that we can continue our concert series into 2017.

    I never doubt that what we are doing is important to many people. On the behalf of the artists who have performed here, they thank you as well. Special thanks to Joni Earl who volunteered to run the fund raising campaign this year. She set up the campaign at and had great support from Phil and Ben. 5 Core Media has donated many hours to filming and editing our video for the campaign.

    Nathan Butler of Nimble Wit Productions provides the mix at shows for you, and it is never fails to deliver a sound that exceeds touring artists’ expectations. Thank you Nate & Amber for the time invested in us. We have a long list of volunteers, you know them if you come to shows regularly. Without the hundreds of hours donated by these dedicated individuals, the show cannot go on.

    I want to recognize Lucie Martin whose design of the store, financial support, and patience are essential to me. Thank you Lucie.


    Our Sponsors
    Here is the list of sponsors for 2017

    Platinum – $2,500

    • 91.1 The Globe
    • Goshen Brewing
    • Miller Poultry
    • OSMC
    • Rick Burns Orthodontics
    • Zehr ConstructionGold – $1,000
      • The Goshen News
      • Leatherman Supply
      • Roger Rymer
      • Menno Travel
      • Mutual Bank
      • Venturi
      • 5 Core MediaSilver – $500
        • Allen Brenneman
        • Aluminum Trailer Corp.
        • Braden McCormick
        • D&W Inc.
        • Electric Brew
        • Ref Fransen & Vonda Litwiller
        • Loren & Barb Eash
        • Vince and Pat Turner 

          Our Contributing Members
          Founders – $250

          • Andy & Courtney Wesdorp
          • Brian Burnett
          • Jesse Stoltzfus
          • John McLaren
          • Karl & Michelle Shelly
          • Myron Bontrager
          • Ray Stults
          • Robin Yoder
          • Scott Curtis
          • Sonny Pusey
          • Thomas Regnier
          • Ben SmuckerStage Hands – $100
            • Barbara & Richard Kindel
            • Brad Collins
            • Brian Bloom
            • Carmen Thompson
            • Charise McCrory
            • David Zehr
            • Erica Martin
            • Esther Alwine
            • Geoff Owens
            • Jason Samuel
            • Jeff Birky
            • Joe Miller
            • Julie Bruder Sours
            • Kara Schmucker
            • Kavin Tubbs
            • Krista Guipe
            • Larita Robinson
            • Lenora Viscardi
            • Mark Obrochta
            • Michael Phend
            • Michael Vosteen
            • Phil Hansing
            • Richard Rice
            • Scott Weisser
            • Steve Freeto
            • Steve McCuddy
            • Steve Brenneman
            • Mr. & Mrs Steve Miller – Elkhart
            • Sue Skibbe
            • Tamara Cain
            • Ted Burnworth
            • David Zehr2017 Members
              • Ben Bontrager
              • Bill Windle
              • Carey Murdock
              • Carmen Thompson
              • Carol Miller
              • Chris Wyne
              • Chuck Long
              • Danae Miller
              • Doug Stanley
              • Fred Kurman
              • Gary Doherty
              • Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lutkus
              • Greg Dugard
              • Greg Horning
              • Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Stahl
              • Jay Troyer
              • Jim Fisher
              • Joseph Miller
              • Lucas Dietz
              • Lucas Landis
              • Marshall King
              • Matt Reyenga
              • Michael Vosteen
              • Nate Piraccini
              • Nicholas Miller
              • Patty Brotherson
              • Phil Mason
              • Phil Metzler
              • Rich Durecki
              • Robin Dalenberg
              • Scott Snider
              • Sonny Carreno
              • Steve Seevers
              • Tracy Bartow
              • Trish Handrich
              • Zacharious Bontrager2017 Contributors
                • Allyse Walton
                • Andrew Kreider
                • Carl Rust
                • Charity Boyd
                • & Mrs. Chris Rusk
                • Duane Shank
                • Emily Rittenhouse
                • Jason Lantagne
                • & Mrs. Jonathan Reuel
                • Joy Murdock
                • Kim Vincent
                • Merlin Miller
                • Paul Boers
                • Paul Crowley
                • Paul Steury
                • Mr. & Mrs. Phil Good-Elliott
                • Rachel Smucker
                • Scott Lehman
                • Shane DeLeon
                • Shannon Pestka
                • Sheri Miller
                • Sylvia Weaver

                  You can become a member any time during the year!

                  If we missed you in the list above, please contact us at the store so we can correct our records. And we welcome members at any time during the year.

                  Thanks so much for making Ignition Music Garage what it is today.

                  Happy Holidays

                  Steve, Lucie and the Ignition Crew

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