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From Possibilities to Reality: Save Your Small Town

Campaign Introduction:

Hey there, friends! Let me tell you a little story about this  book I’ve written. It’s called “From Possibilities to Reality: Save Your Small Town with these Uniquely Do-able Ideas, Projects, and Success Stories” and let me just say, it’s a total game-changer!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – another book about revitalizing small towns, big whoop. But trust me, this one is different.

It’s not just a bunch of theories and fluff, it’s a hands-on guide packed with real-world success stories that’ll inspire you to take action.

The best part? It’s written in a way that’s super approachable and practical. No fancy jargon or complicated mumbo-jumbo, just straight-up solutions that anyone can understand and implement. And let’s be real, that’s exactly what we need in our communities, right?

This book is all about empowering you, the reader, to make a difference. Whether you’re a community leader, a business owner, or just a concerned citizen who loves their small town, it’s got something for everyone. From small steps like painting murals and organizing events to bigger projects like developing new businesses and revitalizing downtowns, you’ll find a ton of uniquely do-able ideas that you and your friends can put into practice right away.

But it’s not just a list of ideas, oh no. You’ll also get to hear inspiring stories from real people who have made a difference in their towns. Talk about motivation, am I right? And on top of that, you’ll get practical advice on how to get started, no matter how small your budget or resources might be.

I know that small towns across the country face challenges, but this book proves that you’re not powerless. It’s all about community engagement and taking action, and trust me, after reading it, you’ll be fired up and ready to make some serious positive changes in your neck of the woods.

So, what are you waiting for? If you love your small town but worry about its future, then you need this book in your life. It’s a total game-changer, and who knows, maybe your town will be the next success story featured in the next edition!

These stories are from my work in small towns and talk about the people I’ve worked with, their successes, and what they did to get there. These are real people living in and creating the kind of towns they love.


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Campaign Story

Finally, a book just for small towns and rural areas!

This book will provide communities with the tools and resources they need to revitalize their downtowns, attract new businesses, and create jobs. It’s a workbook that includes success stories from other communities and ideas for your town. Each section has directions and space for you to write down your next steps. You’ll receive practical steps that immediately get you and your crowd in action!

I need your help to bring this book to life, so I’m launching this crowdfunding campaign.

What I’m raising money for:

  • Editing, proofreading, layout
  • Writing
  • Cover design
  • Book printing
  • Marketing and promotion

I could write a book, try to format it by myself and throw it up on that behemoth book publisher everyone knows. It might even make a nice ebook.

But that’s not how I roll. I’ve worked in rural communities for the last couple of decades (yes, decades) and have learned a lot about rural towns and what they want. And the ways to go about getting what you want.

You deserve a professionally written and ready-for-publication book that you can use right away in your community and accomplish your big ideas with your friends, family, and coworkers. A book that you’d be proud to show off and say, “I helped make this book possible. Let’s get to work.”

This book will have professional beta readers, editors, proofreaders, layout specialists, illustration designers, cover designers, printing companies, and marketing and promotion too. With your help.

About Me:

I grew up with my nose in a book, hiding in the haymow after chores were done. I’m the oldest child and only girl, and those two rankings combined create someone like me: a bit bossy, smart, expected to do well, and very curious.

I love a good story and I believe we all have one (or twenty). I like to share the stories of everyday people doing remarkable things in their small towns.

I enthusiastically share practical advice on how anyone can become a catalyst for change and create a brighter future for their small town.

As a co-founder of SaveYour.Town, I’ve spearheaded many worldwide programs that empower small businesses, tackle the challenge of empty buildings, elevate customer service, revolutionize marketing strategies, and drive economic development. 

I energetically embolden individuals and communities to shape their small towns into flourishing havens of opportunity and growth. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey because we are headed to a future where dreams become realities in small towns across the world.





Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Crystal Bupp Milan, WY June 15, 2024
Melinda McGuire AVINGER, TX June 09, 2024
Dustin MacDonald Sigourney, IA June 07, 2024
Produce Station Pottery Webster City, IA June 06, 2024
Anonymous Chicago, IL June 05, 2024
Dannah Prather Gulfport, MS June 03, 2024
Anonymous Geneva, IA June 02, 2024
Jonathon Lance Nashville, AR June 01, 2024
Amy Theorin West Chester, PA June 01, 2024
Nancy Daniels Topeka, KS May 31, 2024
David Brown Potlatch, ID May 31, 2024
Betty Mitchell Blue Grass, VA May 31, 2024
Mary Buchholz Belle Fourche, SD May 31, 2024
Anonymous Land O Lakes, FL May 30, 2024
Stephanie Olson Tahsis, BC May 30, 2024
Anonymous Hallam, NE May 30, 2024
Kim Lozano, Writing Coach Wildwood, MO May 30, 2024
Denis McDowell Raleigh, NC May 30, 2024
Produce Station Pottery Webster City, IA May 29, 2024
Whitney Hoffman Chadds Ford, PA May 29, 2024
Jonathon Lance Nashville, AR May 29, 2024
Whitney Hoffman Chadds Ford, PA May 29, 2024
Kim Vincent Laramie, WY May 29, 2024
Kim Vincent Laramie, WY May 29, 2024 Hopeton, OK May 29, 2024
Tara Mastel Bozeman, MT May 29, 2024
Joyful Promotions Udall, KS May 29, 2024
Jennifer Risley Keene, NH May 29, 2024
Sean Patty Hondo, TX May 29, 2024
Jube Manderico Gulfport, MS May 29, 2024
Keri Holmes Rojas Altoona, IA May 29, 2024
Kevin Rubash Webster city, IA May 29, 2024
Pandora Pappas CHICAGO, IL May 29, 2024
Melody Warnick Blacksburg, VA May 29, 2024
Diane Sontum Laramie, WY May 28, 2024

Campaign Updates

  • 6-6-2024

    Publishing update

    Writing a book is more than a notion in itself. Choosing a publisher is another gigantic task!

    I’ve been working with a designer, Mars Manderico. He’s the brother of a good friend, and I’m over the moon with his illustrations. He’s also formatting the book. Mars and I have been looking at publishers for the last several months. It’s important to me that we control as much of the process as possible and make the book available everywhere. So many of the publishers want to do all the design work – cover and interior – and Mars has been hired already to do that work.

    Several publishers meet my requirements but are unable to publish the book as soon as I want. For my next book, I’m sure to go with one of them.

    I worked with Crowdfund Better ( to learn the art of asking for your help in making the book available. It’s a serious endeavor, and I’m thrilled I learned how to do this. It made perfect sense to go with The Local Crowd Cooperative for the actual crowdfunding. As of today, I’m 18% towards my goal! Many hugs and thanks go to you for your support.

    I’ve chosen Lulu as my publisher. Their instructions, formatting information, publishing support, and immediate availability weighed heavily into this decision. I’ll keep you updated on the process!

    On another note, Mars added the image of a young man in a wheelchair in the cover art at my request. He’s Nick, the son of a dear friend. Nick passed away in a tragic circumstance, and I wanted to tell his story of being part of the community. Nick had cerebral palsy and was unable to speak, walk, or do anything on his own. I got to spend time with Nick because his parents are friends of mine. Maureen and Don knew the value of making sure everyone in the community had the opportunity to contribute and be involved locally. I learned from Nick the joy of music he experienced and the power of a smile. I saw love from his family exhibited every day.

    No one person is more valuable than another. We all matter. Nick taught me that. It’s the differences that make us stronger and bring us together. Love really is the answer.


  • 6-12-24

    Check out the design formatting …

    The book is really a workbook with stories, ideas, suggestions, idea friendly steps and more. Here’s just one story!


  • 6-18-24

    Take a look at a couple of pages and share the campaign with your rural friends

    This book is being turned into a work of art by the designer Mars Manderico. He’s a small business owner in the suburbs of Chicago. Mars was a referral from a long time friend, and I’m thrilled with his work! Here’s a couple of pages for you to check out! (Do they appear blurry? They might – because they are not the final product, but just an image for you to see the progress.

    And while you’re here – would you share this campaign with your rural friends? Thanks!


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