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Culinary Kitchen

Campaign Introduction:

With your support to help purchase the equipment, food entrepreneurs can get started and grow their business in this culinary incubator!


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Funding Goal

Nov 2016


This campaign was successful! 😃
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Nov 2016


Raised Percent :
This campaign was successful! 😃
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Campaign Story

The biggest barrier for most food entrepreneurs in starting out is having access to a commercially licensed kitchen and the necessary equipment to test, refine and produce their product and the second and third are a solid business plan and access to funding. The Teton Valley Kitchen Incubator will provide a shared commercial kitchen space and business support services for startup and small food businesses. The facility is planned to open in December with an operating plan based based on our feasibility study and user survey. The missing ingredient needed to begin cooking up new businesses for Teton Valley is the following short list of commercial grade equipment (and we already have half the funding raised through a USDA grant!):

  • Convection Oven = $4,000
  • Insulated Dough Proofer = $4,000
  • 20qt Mixer = $2,500
  • Food Processor = $1,500
  • Dehydrator = $1,000
  • Utensils, Pots, Pans = $1,000
  • Dry Storage Bins = $500
  • Immersion Blender = $400
  • Pressure Cooker/Canner = $300
  • Scales & Label Printer = $800
  • Steel Tables = $1,000

A USDA grant has been awarded for half of the anticipated $17,000 equipment cost above. The project is seeking $4,500 towards the required grant match to allow the facility to open with the proper equipment to meet the needs expressed in the survey of Teton Valley food entrepreneurs.

If equipment is purchased for less than the conservative amounts above, then additional match funds raised will be used towards other startup costs including a computer station, training materials, marketing and orientation classes.

Let’s get cooking Teton Valley!


Teton Valley Kitchen is part of a larger effort to foster collaborative relationships, from food production to consumption and waste recovery, that enhance our social, economic and environmental health.


The Teton Valley Kitchen Incubator will provide, at affordable rates, licensed kitchen space, commercial grade equipment, training and business support services to enable food entrepreneurs to launch and grow small businesses that otherwise might not succeed without such shared resources. The incubator facility will also provide space for educators to teach classes on relevant topics. A small retail space will be provided for products made in the incubator to be sold or sampled. The facility will be a clean, safe and enjoyable place in which to work, with a manager supervising and supporting users in a collaborative environment. Partnering organizations (Teton Valley Business Development Center, University of Idaho Extension Service, US Small Business Administration and Eastern Idaho Small Business Development Center) will provide small business planning education and other support services (such as education for product development, product marketing, packaging & distribution, inventory and financial management, etc.)


A Kitchen Incubator has been identified as an important strategy for developing food and agricultural businesses in the Teton County Economic Development Plan, Teton View Regional Plan and Driggs Community Review. This is an industry Teton Valley is competitively positioned to grow. A feasibility study completed in March 2016 for the City of Driggs by the Research & Business Development Center in Rexburg concluded that a kitchen incubator was financially feasible in Driggs after reviewing survey data from local respondents along with national data sets on kitchen incubators and operating characteristics at facilities in similar communities.

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Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Campaign Backers Laramie, WY November 20, 2016

Campaign Updates

  • 21-10-2016

    Launch Day!

    Thanks for stopping in to see what the Teton Valley Kitchen Culinary Incubator is all about! We are excited to be a part of a growing national trend towards healthy local food systems that grow jobs and support more sustainable and resilient communities. We hope you can join us by donating at any level, regardless of whether you see yourself in the kitchen – or enjoying the delicious results!


    Doug and the TVK Team

  • 07-11-2016

    2 Weeks to Go!

    We have 13 days left in the campaign to raise funds for the kitchen equipment so the Teton Valley Kitchen Culinary Incubator can begin helping local food entrepreneurs. We are super excited to see another big supporter coming forward to provide a $5,000 offline donation towards the goal! We have less than $1,000 less to raise!

    With this step forward, we have the confidence to publish the advertisement for a Facility Manager (20-25hrs/wk), to start in December. We plan to have a soft opening in December to allow a few existing food entrepreneurs test the facility.

    Thank you for your support! Please forward the campaign to others so that we can reach our goal and keep this momentum going!

  • 17-11-2016

    Teton Valley Kitchen – GOAL EXCEEDED!!

    Thank you to our latest contributors – you’ve put us over the $7500 goal!! We will start purchasing equipment next week and plan to open in January!

    Diane Wolverton and Kim Vincent of The Local Crowd have donated $150 AND donated back their kitchen use hours, as a match incentive. Thus, anyone who makes a donation for a kitchen use reward between now and when the campaign closes will get double the hours – up to the matched 12 hours available!

    Thanks again for your support. Stay in touch via the website and



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Friend of Local Food

Every dollar counts! Your $10 donation will be recognized on our social media and immediately put towards purchase of needed equipment as match funding to the USDA grant!

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5% Retail Discount Card

Get 5% off retail sales at the incubator (not including J&M Soda Shoppe products) for all of 2017! Entrepreneurs using the kitchen can sell their products in the facility's retail area. Possible items may include: granolas, breads, cookies, salsas, sauces, pickled veges, yoghurts, beverages or tamales!

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4 Hrs Free Kitchen Rental

Get a taste of your potential food start up with 4 free hours in our commercial kitchen! Makes a great gift (get that someone special out of your kitchen!)

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8 Hrs Free Kitchen Rental

Give your startup an extra boost with 8 free hours in our commercial kitchen AND help us support your business with the best commercial grade equipment at the same time!

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12 Hrs Free Kitchen Rental

What could you produce in 12 hours in a commercially equipped and licensed kitchen? Donate at this level and amaze everyone! Or gift this to your favorite food entrepreneur with the expectation they will reward you with something really delicious!

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24 Hrs Free Kitchen Rental

With a typical rental period being 4-5 hours, this donation will provide for 5 or 6 days in the kitchen. That could be a lot of bread, for not a lot of dough. Supporters of Economic Development and Job Creation in Teton Valley can also donate at this level and gift the kitchen time to our scholarship program to help provide reduced rates to selected food entrepreneurs.

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1 Month of Unlimited Kitchen Use!

Subject to availability, the kitchen is yours for a month! Can be converted to 100 hours of kitchen rental time ($10/hr, which is a 1/3 discount of the expected $15/hr kitchen rental rate). Supporters of Economic Development and Job Creation in Teton Valley can also donate at this level and gift the kitchen time to our scholarship program to help provide reduced rates to selected food entrepreneurs.

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