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CRG Fellows Program

Campaign Introduction:

Help build a base of social and financial support for recent graduates transitioning into meaningful work serving Goshen.


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Funding Goal

Apr 2019


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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Apr 2019


Raised Percent :
This campaign is not currently active.
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Campaign Story

The Fellows Program engages recent graduates seeking to pursue their vocations through meaningful work and relationships in service to local initiatives.

The Resilience Guild facilitates collaboration by tapping local experts, elders, and community partners to help with recognized needs such as research, communication, and process design.

The time and contributions of these community leaders is valued and leveraged by connecting them to Fellows with the time, energy, and passion to do most of the leg work.

  • Fellows get mentoring and experience;
  • Guild members get to be more involved in projects they care about;
  • Our partners get a high level of service at minimal cost;
  • and the community is better served, so everybody wins.

The Fellows Program can generate revenue, but before we can retain and commit to top talent, we need a modest reservoir of funding to be able to tap and replenish as needed. Please consider donating to help us build a solid foundation for this program.

see text below for more information on budget and goals

Your donation will help demonstrate community buy-in and support for the program and enable us to pursue additional grants, sponsorship, and investments.



For more information about the Community Resilience Guild and the work that Fellows are involved in, visit

Campaign Goals

Supporting Fellows through a stipend:

Current annual support for each Fellow is approximately $18,000 per year. This covers:

  • $1,300 monthly stipend
  • Payroll taxes and insurance

The CRG supplements the program by providing:

  • Mentoring and supervision
  • Work space
  • Training and vocational development
  • Connections and opportunities for meaningful work
  • 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship

Fellows earn their stipend through fee-for-service work supporting community partners and through support for projects funded through the CRG.

Building a reservoir of funding:

In order for the CRG to make up-front commitments to Fellows, we need to know that we’ll be able to continue paying their stipend when there may be gaps in our revenue stream or funded work is unavailable.

We need a “reservoir” of funding that we can dip into when necessary. We have reinvested all surplus CRG revenue into the Fellows Program and no longer have financial reserves to fall back on. We need up-front financial investment to capitalize the program and create this reservoir.

As the Program develops, surplus income from Fellows work will help replenish the reservoir. When funded work isn’t available, the reservoir will support Fellows as they continue working with community partners or valuable community projects for which funding is otherwise unavailable.

As community demand and opportunities for Fellows increase, we believe the Program can become self sustaining. Until then, we’re seeking capital investments that will enable us to recruit and guarantee stipends for top talent capable of growing the Program into its full potential. This will help us secure revenue-generating work by insuring that the necessary labor is available.

Goals for Funding:

  • $9,000 to subsidize one Fellow
    • August, 2018 to August, 2019
    • Additional Fellows are available part-time to support funded projects
  • $4,500 subsidy per Fellow for subsequent years
    • We would welcome recurring pledges for those who are able and/or prefer to distribute their contributions over time.

All supporters will be invited to follow our journey as the Fellows Program continues to develop and new activities and outputs emerge. As much as raising funds is a priority, our broader goal is to identify a community of supporters who believe in the benefits of connecting recent grads to meaningful work opportunities in the community, and who desire to help us find ways to help the Program reach its full potential. Whether this amounts to financial support, endorsements, mentoring, or connections to work, we welcome you to join us!

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Campaign Backers Laramie, WY April 24, 2019

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