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Butte’s Yoga Outreach Project

Campaign Introduction:

In founding Rooted Yoga and starting the Yoga Outreach Project, my intention is to give others the same chance I had: to find healing and hope through the practice of Yoga. Several times over, Yoga has given me a way to step out of pain and fear, and showed me how to live a full and joyous life. I believe that everyone deserves this same chance. The Yoga Outreach Project aims to give our community members, regardless of their ability to pay, an introduction to the healing practice of Yoga. Your support helps Rooted Yoga create Butte’s own Yoga-Mobile, a mobile ‘studio’ that will bring Yoga and other innovative therapeutic services to under-served community members struggling with mental health and looking for a way to heal from trauma.


Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Nov 2017


This campaign is not currently active.
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Funds Raised


Funding Goal

Nov 2017


Raised Percent :
This campaign is not currently active.
Or purchase a reward below if available!
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Campaign Story

My name is Carly; I am the founder of Rooted Yoga and the director of The Yoga Outreach Project. I want you to know where my passion for this project stems from, so I’ll tell you a little of my story:

At only 19 years old after a skiing accident left me walking with a limp and suffering from debilitating pain, I was advised to give up my active lifestyle or else expect a hip replacement by the age of 30. This year, I celebrated my 30th birthday walking just fine, and still enjoying the same activities I did a decade ago! Yoga showed me a way out of chronic pain-so I could enjoy my life without pain medications.

Yoga gave me a second chance.

A few years later, Yoga gave me another chance, this time by leading me out of a deep postpartum depression so I could be the mother my daughter deserves.

Shortly after that, when as a single parent I found myself spinning in the midst of anxiety, Yoga gave me yet another chance at life by teaching me to live contentedly and at peace.

Thanks to Yoga, I now possess a deep knowing that harmony and happiness will define my life.

This is my story. There are many more stories to be told…

With the Yoga Outreach Project, I’m committed to giving everyone the same chance I had:¬†I believe that everyone struggling with mental health deserves an opportunity to discover the healing power of Yoga, regardless of whether or not they can afford the privilege of walking into a studio.¬†With this project, Rooted Yoga aims to bring Yoga and other innovative therapeutic services to our community members, regardless of their ability to pay.

How will I do this? With your support! Do you see the need for creative, community-based mental health interventions in Butte? Then you are already a believer in this project!

Take this opportunity to turn your belief into something tangible:

This campaign’s goal is to fund the first two phases of the project with a campaign goal of $4,000:

Phase One: Stock the Yoga-Mobile ($2,000)

First, we create Butte’s Yoga-Mobile by stocking it with mats, blocks, blankets, eye pillows, art supplies, sensory materials, and mindfulness tools. This is accomplished with the¬†Buy One, Gift One¬†donations listed to the right (think of Tom’s shoes- your purchase buys you a new pair, and gifts one too! If you’re not a Yogi and don’t need the yoga items for yourself, there is always the option to gift your reward item to the project. OR check out the $15 and $50 options which don’t include items, but are a great way to try Yoga for the first time!)—->

Phase Two: Taking it to the Streets ($2,000)

Once the ‘Yoga-Mobile’ is ready to roll, Rooted Yoga will take it to the streets (so to speak), providing FREE community outreach to Butte and surrounding areas. Fully funded, this campaign will support the Yoga Outreach Project for 6 months. This translates to 5 hours of class time per week, with 15 people per class hour, giving 75 service hours per week to the community. That is 300 service hours per month, over the course of 6 months totaling 1,800 service hours from Rooted Yoga. That’s just $1.11/hour to provide innovative, creative services to people struggling with mental health.

Phase Three: Ongoing Outreach

Our hope is that after the initial 6 months, the Yoga Outreach Project will become self-sufficient by way of ongoing community donations, pay-what-you-can programs, and support from Rooted Yoga’s private clients who are able to afford premium services at full price. Additionally, the more formal development of these hybrid therapy programs during this project’s 6 month period has the potential to become a printed Emotional Competency Program curriculum, the sales of which will also help support ongoing outreach. Rooted Yoga is dedicated to continue providing FREE and reduced-cost community outreach indefinitely.

Join Rooted Yoga on this journey to create Butte’s own ‘Yoga-Mobile’ that will bring Yoga, Therapeutic Art, Mindfulness, and Recreation Therapy programs to kids, families, and individuals who are struggling with mental health or recovering from trauma.

Your generous gift jump-starts the Yoga-Mobile.

Thank you for giving everyone a chance to discover the therapeutic power of Yoga.

Campaign Contributions

Name Location Date
Campaign Backers Laramie, WY November 15, 2017

Campaign Updates

  • 13-11-2017


    A huge thank you to my family, friends, and fellow Butte community members for believing in this project!

    I just want to say how touched I am by your generosity, and the faith you’ve shown in me and this wild dream of mine. Thank you for all your support along the way: the encouragement and the love you show me each and every day keeps my spirits high and ready to give back to my community. Thank you.

    Look for your rewards in the month following the campaign end date, it’s set to end right after Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with loved ones.


  • 27-11-2017

    With Gratitude…

    Hello all,

    The campaign is over and what a wild ride it was. I learned so much and am grateful for the experience. A huge thank-you to everyone who helped me along the way.

    We got 3/4 of the way to the goal of $2,000 to stock the Yoga-Mobile. In total we raised $1,440. Thank you for your support and for believing in this project!

    We had a stretch goal to reach $4,000, which would have fully stocked the Yoga-Mobile and funded the project for 6 months. Since we didn’t reach that, I am re-formulating how to allocate the funds to ensure that the outreach portion of the project still happens (because what good is a car full of stuff that doesn’t get used?!?). The outreach portion is the most important aspect of this project in my mind, and so I’ll be figuring how to best distribute the funds over the next few weeks (likely stocking the Yoga-Mobile with 6-8 sets of yoga gear instead of 15 so that there is still money for space rental and getting the word out/advertising programs to those who would benefit). Look for programs popping up in the community beginning in the new year!

    Again thank you for your support and if you are due to receive a reward, I will be working on those over the next month-my goal is to have them to you as a Christmas gift!



  • 14-02-2018

    Outreach is Happening!

    Hello friends,

    Thanks to you, I am currently working with SafeSpace (a domestic violence shelter) providing stress reduction education for their clients and staff. This free program, offered to a very hard-working and vital non-profit in our community, would not have been possible without your support. Thank you.

    Additionally, I have been in touch with Warriors In Quiet Waters (an organization that provides veterans with access to the Montana wilderness), and am awaiting their response to my offer of an outreach program.

    Thank you again for helping make this possible!


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For less than a trip to the coffee hut, you can give hope to someone struggling with mental illness. You receive a sticker and a virtual shout-out to recognize your support!

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Total Relaxation

Give $15, get 15 minutes of total relaxation. A guided relaxation recording delivered directly to your inbox for you to enjoy as often as you please.

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The Butte Miner

Buy One, Gift One: Donate a block or eye pillow to the Yoga-Mobile and you'll get one too! You choose: block or eye pillow.

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The MIneyard Foreman

Buy One, Gift One: If you need a new Yoga mat or blanket, what better way than to get a new one for yourself and feel good about giving one to a worthy cause. Your choice: mat or blanket.

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Sponsor of the Week

You can make a difference! Your sponsorship provides a week's worth of outreach to the community. You get a 60 minute Yoga class video to use again and again, at your leisure. This is great way to try out Yoga for the first time!

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One for You, One for Butte

You choose your prop package and donate the same to the Yoga-Mobile! The Workout: mat and block. The Chill Pill: blanket and eye pillow.

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Yoga for Two

Great for beginners or seasoned Yogis, this is your opportunity for exclusivity! You get a 90 minute private Yoga lesson from Rooted Yoga for you and a friend. You also feel great about donating two weeks worth of outreach to the Butte community. Lessons can be done locally and in-person, or long-distance via video conferencing!

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The Copper King

Buy One, Gift One: For your generous donation, you receive an entire 'yoga kit' so you can take your practice on the go; and you gift a kit to the project. Kit includes: 1 yoga mat, 1 yoga blanket, 2 blocks, 1 eye pillow.

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Party Time!

Your gift keeps the Yoga Mobile running, so community outreach can continue indefinitely. This makes you feel so-so good, you wanna party! There are several party options: a VIP girls night in, Yoga-Style, for you and 7 friends. An on-location Yoga lesson at your favorite outdoor spot. A birthday party for the little Yogi in your life. The options are endless... Rooted Yoga comes to you and tailors your celebration to be one of a kind!

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